Explore how we worked with Williams Medical Supplies to help with their SAP implementation.

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Who are Williams Medical Supplies

Williams Medical Supplies are dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare products and services to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and patients. With a rich legacy over three decades, they have established as a trusted partner in the medical supply industry.

We partnered with Williams setting them up for a successful for SAP implementation.

Identifying the Challenges

  • Configurations and integrations in various states of completeness
  • Conflicting priorities and business as usual activities impacting the project delivery
  • Scattered information making it challenging to steer the project


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Overcoming the Challenges

Detailed Business Requirements Documentation: A thorough business requirements document was created, assessing the current (AS-IS) and future (TO-BE) processes. Each item was given a business impact rating informing the assessment and prioritisation of activities.

Development of Comprehensive Test Scripts: Test scripts were developed covering all scenarios necessary for the business to test the new system. These scripts were categorised based on core process areas supporting the project with resource planning.

Test Entry Criteria: Test entry criteria was established to guide the projects direction. Key performance indicators (KPIs) were defined to provide project sponsors with clear visibility to steer the project.

End-to-End User Acceptance Testing (UAT): An end-to-end UAT round was planned and facilitated to gain clarity on the project status and the readiness of the solution.

End User Training: Building a framework for the requirements allowed us to roll out an aligned training solution to ensure that all end-users were full adapted to the new ways of working.


Key Benefits

Clear Project Timelines and Planning

The project had well-defined timelines, resources, and budget plans in place, ensuring everyone involved had a clear picture of the project’s progress.

Aligned Priorities

Business teams were better aligned with the technical teams sprint drops, ensuring smooth coordination moving the project forward.

Enhanced Project Status Visibility

The new approach provided a clearer view of the project’s status, enabling sponsors to make informed decisions promptly.

Reduced Resistance to Change

The technical team and business team were aligned and informed throughout the delivery phase ensuring a smooth transition to the new ways of working

Knowledgable & Capable Team

The business were ready for the change through the successful design and delivery of the training strategy.

“BR One have been a trusted partner in our SAP implementation journey.”


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