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user training

User Adoption

Our team’s focus is to make sure that your organisation’s new systems and processes are fully understood by your employees and that they use the system as it is intended to be used.

We first conduct a thorough training needs’ assessment, identifying any skill gaps and tailoring a strategy to ensure that your team is fully equipped with everything they need to perform and be productive – not left annoyed and confused by a new system that they have not had any training on.

We then provide comprehensive, easy to understand training materials such as guides, videos and digital adoption tools for your team to use. We conduct ‘train the trainer’ and end-user sessions to ensure your team is confident in adopting and using the new technology.

Benefits to your organisation

Our user training will lead to higher employee engagement. This brings better job satisfaction and enhanced productivity, reduced training and support costs for your organisation, the faster adoption of your new technology and ultimately, fewer disruptions to operations and therefore dissatisfied customers.

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