We believe that in the dynamic technological landscape, continuous learning and development are essential to success.

Embracing Change with Confidence

At BR One, we understand that technology changes can be daunting for organisations. That’s why we offer a comprehensive approach that will bridge the gap between the old and the new for your team. Our Services includes Change Management, Project Management, User Training, and Business Analysis.




change management

Change Management

Our change management services address the people, processes, and the technology. By addressing the people and process sides of change, we help to ensure a smooth transition and increased adoption of the new technology.

Our change management strategy focuses on minimising business disruptions through detailed impact assessments and clear communication with all stakeholders. By fostering an open working environment and establishing a network of change champions, the strategy effectively reduces resistance and ensures a smooth transition during organisational changes.

The proposed change brings about several significant benefits, key among them being the increase in awareness, engagement, and motivation among users. This approach also effectively minimises resistance and confusion among users, facilitating a smoother transition to the new system or process. 

user training

User Training

Our user training services start by conducting a thorough training needs analysis, identifying skill gaps tailoring a strategy to meet your needs. Our goal is to fully equip your team, ensuring confidence in adopting new technology.

To facilitate new working methods, a training needs analysis is conducted to identify specific training requirements. Engaging training materials like guides, videos, and walkthroughs are created to provide a clear learning path. Finally, conducting ‘train the trainer’ and end-user sessions will ensure the team is prepared to adopt these new practices.

Increasing user adoption and enhancing organisational capability are key outcomes of effective training. This approach significantly reduces the risk of failed implementations and decreases IT support tickets related to training issues. 


project management

Project Management

Our project management services plan and coordinate tasks, collaborating with third-party partners to form a unified team dedicated to project success, managing the risks and issues and ensuring the right level of governance is in place.

We focus on essential elements of effective project management: creating a plan tailored to organisational needs, managing budget and risks, addressing actions and issues, making key decisions, and ensuring proper governance to guide the project’s direction.

This plays a crucial role in guiding a project to successful completion by establishing clear objectives, effectively managing tasks, and mitigating the risk of scope creep.


business analysis

Business Analysis

Our business analysis services assess your current state, collaborating to identify areas for improvement and create a strategy. This lays the foundation for the project, ensuring new technology aligns with your business goals and the future state.

This task involves organising sessions with subject matter experts to gather detailed information and requirements, followed by creating a catalogue documenting both current and future processes.

This approach serves as a valuable reference for workshops with the implementation partner, streamlining these costly sessions. It brings clarity to business processes, eliminating time wasted on discussions based on assumptions. 


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