Streamlining Operations

How BR One helped a UK manufacturer to upgrade its technology

This case study shows how we helped our UK manufacturing client to upgrade its current technology and to improve company automation and business efficiency.

The problems the client was facing

Our client, which manufactures its products in the Nordics, needed to upgrade its enterprise resource planning system Microsoft Navion to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Specifically, the client needed help to increase its overall business efficiency and automation with the following:

  • Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with Business Central
  • Integrating Business Central with the factory’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in the Nordics
  • Migrating its outdated system to the same cloud infrastructure that it used in the Nordics
  • Implementing PowerBI reporting.

How we helped

We were asked to help the client to migrate from Microsoft Navison to Business Central – to process those changes, implement and integrate D365 sales with Business Central and integrate Business Central with the factory’s ERP in the Nordics.

In addition we were tasked with helping it migrate its outdated NAV system, and implement PowerBI reporting.

We worked closely with the client in many different areas during the project including finance, expenses, sales, demand planning and forecasting, purchasing, product information management, warehouse management, D365 Sales (CRM) integration, supplier integration (Nordic Factory), and PowerBI.

There were a number of phases that we needed to follow for the successful completion of this project, and they included the following:

  1. Producing a project charter – outlining the key aims and benefits.
  2. Producing an extensive project plan – outlining the goals, objectives, and tasks that were needed.
  3. Analysing the current employees’ roles, business processes and technology, assessing any gaps and ensuring that the right tools, resources and governance were in place.
  4. Working with the implementation partner in the design phase.
  5. Producing a bespoke change training plan.
  6. Managing the software development for Business Central, D365 Sales, and Integrations.
  7. Ensuring the right level of training and UAT (the phase of software development where the software is tested on users) is in place.
  8. Executing system and user acceptance testing – managing any bugs or changes.
  9. Executing the cutover plan – outlining plans, training initiatives and stakeholder engagement activities to promote employees‘ understanding, acceptance, and adoption of the new software.
  10. Working through any initial teething problems and making improvements.
  11. Implementing PowerBI reporting.


Our client needed help with an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It also needed to improve company automation and business efficiency.

We helped it by:

  • Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales – thereby improving sales processes and improving customer relationship management.
  • Integrating D365 Sales with Business Central – resulting in better integration between sales and operations systems and better data flow and decision-making processes.
  • Integrating Business Central with the factory’s ERP System in the Nordics – by connecting the UK and Nordic systems it helped improve collaboration and visibility between the two.
  • Migrating the client’s outdated system to the same cloud infrastructure used in the Nordics – thereby ensuring scalability and increasing reliability.
  • Implementing PowerBI – improving the client’s ability to report on and visualise data.

As a result of our work with the client it experienced more streamlined operations across finance, sales and other functions; enhanced efficiency with improvements to sales processes, a reduced reliance on manual input and increased overall efficiency; improved collaboration with the Nordic operation; scalability and modernisation; and better decision- making with PowerBI reporting.